A Historical Tour of the Holy Land by Beryl Ratzer

A Historical Tour of the Holy Land by Beryl Ratzer

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A Historical Tour of the Holy Land is an excellent travel guide. My only complaint is that it is a mere 160 pages. It is astounding that such a small geographical area of the world could hold so much treasured history. It is an impossible task to document all the details of the history of the holy land in any one publication. This book gives just enough information to whet the appetite for further research. And if one is fortunate enough to visit Israel, Ratzer’s guide enhances the intimate view of the exalted, sacred, holy land.

Traveling through time from the prehistoric Stone Age to the present day, this reference book provides a wealth of information about Israel:

– Charts and maps depicting the change in ownership of land including possession by the twelve tribes of Israel, the Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, and British Mandate with details of the Jewish immigration until 1948 when the current state of Israel was born.

– References to biblical stories pointing out landmarks with photographs of historical sights from both the Old Testament and the New Testament… churches, temples, mosques, cemeteries, burial tombs, monuments, archaeological sites, and museum pieces.

– Details about the Crusades, wars and conflicts, and specifics about the ongoing Palestinian dispute

– A collection of glossy photos of cities, parks and rivers, and Israel’s natural wonders which can serve as a souvenir for those who have already been to Israel or an inspiration for further travel.

Rated 4 Stars.

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