The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield

The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield

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The Twelfth Insight is a continuation of The Celestine Prophecy series. Largely repetitive, it is charitable to say it “picks up” where the other books left off in the metaphysical journey to a profound breakthrough in understanding the meaning of life.

Redfield addresses many issues that are germane to self-actualization, happiness, and world peace. One suggestion is honest communication… communication unbiased by a desire for selfish gain or ease of saying what people expect to hear… communication not blinded by prejudice or fear or tradition or cultural teachings, but plain simple truth, to yourself and others.

Another suggestion is an awareness of fanatical opinions about religion and politics. Religious fanatics are myopic and lose sight of the truth just wanting to win at all cost.

Redfield advises the reader not to be fooled by politicians who lie to gain power and design policies for the purpose of manipulation. My favorite quotation from the book is “All you have to do is get a majority of the population hooked on government subsidies, and then threaten to take them away. They will vote for people who promise to take care of them.”

Redfield also talks about Karma. He quotes Kant, “Act and be as though how you are dictates that everyone else will be that same way.” Thus, no need to preach, you will spiritually have influence over others by your integrity and consistently setting a good example in life.

The problem is all these tidbits of sage advice are buried in this melodramatic parable that reads like teenage pulp fiction, a Manga adventure comic book, a Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Elijah escapade. What begins as man’s search for the path to spiritual fulfillment turns into a life threatening race to avert a catastrophic hostility that will lead to Armageddon; too much theatrics and not enough philosophical substance. The concept of spiritual growth and universal consciousness is intellectually engaging, so why not just have “an honest” straightforward serious conversation about it. Practice what you preach Mr. Redfield.

Rated 2 Stars.

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