Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher

Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher

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It’s been many years since I last picked up a Rosamunde Pilcher book, so I don’t know if I have outgrown her writing style or if Winter Solstice is just not the same quality as The Shell Seekers and September. However, I have always loved Pilcher’s simple Scottish tales, full of descriptions of the local environment and customs. Pilcher’s generous details about people and places make for a personal connection. You feel like you know the characters and you’ve been in that time and place. This story has those same wonderful qualities.

Much like her other novels, Winter Solstice is charming and quaint. But this particular novel tends to read more like a modern day fairy tale… a little too good to be true. The characters are a bit superficial and the plot is fairly predictable.

This is the story of five lonely people brought together unexpectedly to spend Christmas in a lovely Victorian house in a snow-covered village of Scotland. You will meet Elfrida – a sixty three year old eccentric retired actress, Carrie – Elfrida’s thirty year old niece who is struggling to get over a failed love affair, and Lucy – Elfrida’s fourteen year old great-niece. Lucy’s parents are divorced and too busy with their own lives to even care where Lucy spends the holidays. Consequently, she has been conveniently passed off to her aunts for the holidays.

Also included in the cast of characters is Oscar Blundell – the owner of the house, and Sam Howard – corporate executive who has just arrived in town to start up the recently purchased, defunct woolen mill.

If you believe in the magic of Christmas and long to read a lovely romantic story that will leave you with a smile on your face… this is a perfect selection.

Rated 3 Stars.

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