Rating System

Books are rated on the following criteria:

  • Memorable, authentic characters
  • Literary style- composition, dialogue, voice, and attitude
  • Plot- credibility and significance, pace and structure
  • Relevance of events and plausibility of the conclusion
  • Subject matter- originality and relevance
  • Author’s depth of knowledge
  • Method of communication- sentence structure and presentation
  • Organization and the logical sequence of data
Stars: I use a rating scale of 1 to 5
  •  5 Stars is the highest rating. These books are the treasures I look forward to reading again someday. Superior in all qualities. Unique, enthralling… sometimes even life altering.
  • 4 Star books are superior in a combination of most desired qualities but don’t quite reach the highest levels in all criteria. I may read them again.
  • 3 Star books are adequate. They may simply be amusing and entertaining like serial murder mysteries and typical romance novels with the predictable happy-ever-after ending. They may be worthy of reading for historical reference. Select audiences may seek them out for the subject matter or read them simply because they merit attention for ingenious literary style. They remain in my library until the space is needed for higher rated books.
  • 2 Star books are those never recommended to anyone. The negative qualities far outweigh the positive.
  • 1 Star means I found no redeeming qualities. They are torturous to read and in my view, a total waste of time.

13 Comments on “Rating System

    • You are welcome to leave me comments at any time. I will respond. What is it regarding? I look forward to hearing from you.


      • I would be honored to read a book you wrote. I don’t have a Kindle or e-reader. Do you have a hard copy? If not, perhaps we can find a way for me to download it onto my computer. Would you want me to post a review, or are you simply interested in my private opinion at the moment.

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      • I just found your book on Amazon. I might have access to a Kindle and I can down download it from there. I’ll let you know in a few days if I am successful.

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      • Thanks for the tip. But I am afraid it will slow down my computer. My daughter-in-law is going to lend me her Kindle.

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      • Hi – I just published my review of In Between. I also have a few personal comments if you are interested, but I don’t know if you would prefer me posting them right here – and then deleting them after you respond – or if you want me to send them to some other email address. They really are just for you – not for the general public. Let me know.

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